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Introduction/ Quick Contacts

Welcome to the INFINITI HR Client Quick Reference Guide! We have compiled information from our service departments to help our clients better understand the services we offer and to help implement solutions that create smoother day-to-day business processes for you. If you have any questions that are not covered in this guide, please see the Quick Contacts section below to get further assistance.

If you need assistance, but you are not sure who you need to contact, please see this general Quick Contacts Guide.


(Employer Administration)
  • Through Prism – All Clients have access to add a New Hire directly in Prism. Please see New Hire instructions to get started.  Upload the employee’s completed I-9 to Client Documents in Prism.
  • Electronic Onboarding – Your company must be specifically set up to use Electronic Onboarding for New Hires. Please check with your Payroll Specialist if you are not sure if you’re set up.  Please see New Hire – Onboarding instructions.
  • Paper New Hire Packet – This paperwork can be given to a New Hire to complete. The employee’s Manager can then use the paperwork to enter the New Hire in Prism or submit to their Payroll Specialist to enter (a nominal fee will apply).  Please see the New Hire Packet.
  •  Your company can rehire employees directly in Prism. Please refer to Rehire Employee
  • Starting Aug 1, 2023 the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced a new version of Form I‑9, Employment Eligibility Verification, along with new rules, options, and procedures for mandatory employment verifications.A summary of key points included in these changes are bulleted below. A detailed 1-page overview of all the changes can be accessed at this link. This is important, and they are positive changes that will actually be easier for employers. Please download and review!
    • A new, simpler I-9 Form will be available Aug 1st. Its use is mandatory starting Nov 1st.
    • Remote I-9 verifications may now be done using USCIS’s “alternative procedure”, which means using a video conference and electronic receipt and storage of all documents. However, an employer MUST be enrolled in E-Verify to use this “alternative procedure”.
    • I-9s of remote employees that were verified using ‘relaxed rules’ during COVID (Mar 20, 2020 – Jul 31, 2023) MUST STILL BE RE-VERIFIED by Aug 30th. The new “alternative procedure” may be used by employers that were enrolled in and using E-Verify at the time of the “relaxed rule” I-9 verification.
    • Beginning 8/1/23, if the new “alternative procedure” verification is used by an employer, all I-9s and copies of the supporting employee identification and employment eligibility documents must be retained/stored.
    • Physical verification of I-9s (using the new I-9 Form) is still an option, and retention of the supporting documents is not required.

    Infiniti HR / PrismHR Platform impact:

    • Infiniti HR anticipates that PrismHR will have the new I-9 Form included in Electronic Onboarding on or before the form’s mandatory Nov 1st usage date.
    • The option for new hires to upload I-9 documents during the Electronic Onboarding process will continue to be available. (It was going to be turned off, had previous I-9 verification rules remained in place.)
    • Infiniti HR will soon be sunsetting the use of paper New Hire Packets. If your company is one of the remaining few clinging to that paper process, please contact your Payroll Specialist to start the process of setting up Electronic Onboarding.

    Not an E-Verify employer now, but want to enroll so you can use this easier I-9 verification procedure?

    • If you want to manage this within your company, E-Verify enrollment is easy and instructions are at this link.
    • If you want to designate Infiniti HR as your authorized agent to handle your new hire E-Verify cases on your behalf (reasonable additional fees may apply), please contact Carla Kieffer at for more information.

Remember, fines are extremely high for improperly completed I-9s. Please read and follow the new instructions carefully.

  • Please submit the Billing Account Change Form to update the bank account your payroll/invoices will be drawn from, and submit to your Payroll Specialist.
  • Please refer to the Timesheet Import Instructions. If you are interested in setting up an import for your payroll, please contact your Payroll Specialist to coordinate with our HRIS team.
  • If you have a PTO plan that you would like Infiniti HR to track, please contact Jean Farell, our PTO Specialist at and/or your Payroll Specialist.
  • If you need to put an employee on a Leave of Absence, or Reactivate them after a Leave of Absence, please see the Leave of Absence and Reactivation Instructions
  • Garnishment and Child Support – All wage garnishment orders (IRS, Child Support Orders, etc.) should be forwarded to Infiniti HR for processing. You may scan/e-mail your assigned Payroll Specialist or the Garnishment Specialist at or fax to 240-722-0090.  Infiniti HR also receives these orders from the federal, state or other agencies who are authorized to recover monies owed by means of wage deductions.  We are obligated to process these orders through payroll administration and follow all the collection rules associated with them.
  • Viewing Instructions – Employee garnishment orders can be viewed by the Employer in the Employee Details section Client View Employee Documents and Garnishments
  • Other Deductions (advances, loans, uniforms, etc.) – must be authorized by the employee with a signed consent. Please use Payroll Deduction Authorization Form if needed.
  • If your employee requests a Stop Payment on a check, please have them fill out and sign the Stop Payment Form. If you are not in California, please be sure to indicate whether the Employee or your company will be responsible for the $25 Stop Payment fee.  Return the form to your Payroll Specialist.
  • If you have a new worksite location, please complete the New Location Request form and return it to your Payroll Specialist. If it is a new state or position/worker comp code, we will need to have this added to the Workers Compensation policy prior to employees starting work at this location.
  • Instructions for Termination – It is very important that employees are terminated in Prism when they are no longer working for you. This keeps your reports smaller and assists us with handling unemployment claims.  Please see Employee Termination Instructions. Remember, you can always easily Rehire employees too – (Rehire Employee).
  • Last Pay check – please note that certain states have specific laws regarding the final paycheck for your terminated employees. Please contact your Payroll Specialist or your Human Resources Consultant if you require further guidance.
  • W-2’s are US mailed and post marked by the last day in January. W-2’s are also available by mid-February in the Employee Portal.  For a detailed explanation of your W-2 please see Understanding your pay and W-2
  • Reprint W-2’s – Client managers may also reprint a W-2 for an employee Reprint W-2 instructions.

Under a PEO service relationship all payroll taxes are filed and paid by Infiniti HR, beginning with the first day that employees are paid under our FEIN. In most cases, unless state law dictates otherwise, these will be filed under our HR Service Group LLC (dba Infiniti HR) tax account identification number. Your company will no longer need to file any future employee tax documents related to payroll information.

Your company is required to file all payroll tax returns and remit all liabilities incurred prior to your first pay period with Infiniti HR, including but not limited to: Final Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return (Form 941), Annual Return of Federal Unemployment Taxes (Form 940), Final State Unemployment Insurance Tax Return(s) (SUI), Final State Withholding Report(s) and Annual Reconciliation(s), and all federal and state employee wage reports (W-2’s, W-3, etc.). If you have any questions about if you should close tax accounts, or how to do so, please contact Infiniti HR’s Tax Account Administrator by email:


(Employee Administration)

Employee Portal – Employees have access to their payroll information in the employee portal. Please share the Prism Employee Self Service Registration Instructions with your employees so they can register.

Address Correction – Managers can update Employee addresses in the Employee Details > Address tab in Prism. The Employee may also submit a Change of Address Request Form.  Please forward to your Payroll Specialist for updating.

Employee Tax updates – Please have employees fill out the most recent Federal W-4 Form and refer to the instructions W-4 Manager Instructions on entering the updated information into the Employee Details>Tax tab in Prism.  If you need assistance, please forward the completed, signed form to your Payroll Specialist.

Direct Deposit or Pay Card – All employees are strongly encourages to set up electronic direct deposit or pay card to receive their payroll earnings on payday. Please see the letter explaining the benefits of having direct deposit or a pay card and the Direct Deposit Set-Up Instructions.

  • Save money – no cost for postage or overnight delivery
  • Fast– earnings are available to your employee on payday
  • Safe & Secure – Employees have 24/7 access to their pay, and you the employer avoid any hassles with lost, stolen or delays of paper checks
  • Direct Deposit – please have employee return this Direct Deposit Form to you with a voided check. To enter the information in Prism for them, please see Employer Direct Deposit Entry or Update.  You may also send the completed form with the voided check to your Payroll Specialist to enter.
  • Pay Card – Pay Card FAQ and application.  Pay Card Enrollment Application.  Please share with employees.

Pay Advance Information – ZayZoon partners with payroll companies to provide employees with access to wages on-demand. ZayZoon isn’t a loan but simply a way for employees to get access to the hours they have already worked instead of waiting the typical two weeks to get paid.  Please see the ZayZoon – Employer Infosheet and the ZayZoon-Employee Signup for more information.

Timekeeping Systems

Time Works Plus is a time keeping system that Infiniti HR offers. It makes it easy to track employees hours, and can be integrated within our payroll system for seamless timesheet uploads.

If you are interested here is a great 15 minute video that walks through the system, it’s geared towards managers/supervisors going through the system.

If you would like to implement this solution within your work environment please email and they can help get everything set up.

We no longer offer Time and Labor Integrations for our clients, BUT if you currently are operating with Time and Labor set up see the documentation below.

If the two documents above do not address your concerns please reach out to for assistance.


(Employer Administration)

Welcome to INFINITI HR! You are now eligible to participate and offer our employer sponsored benefit programs. Below is information to help educate you on all benefits offered.

Perks and Other Offerings:

    • Pre-Paid Legal Services – (LegalShield )
    • INFINITI Guard Protection – (Infiniti Guard welcome kit)
    • Health Discount Program (E3)
    • ID Theft Protection

INFINITI HR provides a “FREE” employee discount program in addition to these great benefits. The following literature includes information on the Employee Perks program through MEMBER DEALS.  Even if your company chooses to not offer other benefits initially, your employees can still enjoy tremendous savings on everyday things such as travel, restaurants, entertainment, and more.

  • Employee Discount Program Overview
  • Pet Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


(Employee Administration)
  • Eligible on the 1st of the month, following 30 days from the date of hire (the actual date of hire counts as ‘day 1’ of the 30 days)
  • Annual enrollment notifications sent via email.

Human Resources / Employee Management

The Labor Law Summary outlines the FEDERAL employment laws with which all of our client worksites are required to comply.  Any client companies that are contracted by a government agency or entity may be subject to additional regulations.

If any Infiniti HR client has a question, concern or challenge related to Employment Law Compliance, including additional state specific labor laws, we urge them to contact their assigned HR Consultant.

Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act, which governs minimum wage, child labor and regulates how to categorize your employees as either Exempt (usually salaried and ineligible for OT), or Non-Exempt (eligible for Overtime) is the most misunderstood employment law in the small business community.  Please consult your assigned Human Resource Consultant and reference Department of Labor Fact Sheet #17A, for assistance in properly classifying your workforce.  Failure to do so can result in significant fines and penalties.  Your assigned Human Resource Consultant can provide you with copies of other Fact Sheets, published by Department of Labor, which will further assist you with wage and hour law compliance.

Employment Law Posters

Every business is required to display employment law posters in a common workplace area that is visible to all employees.  Infiniti HR can assist with ordering a Federal Employment Law All in One posters, which can also be customized to include notices of State Employment Laws.


Work Shield is Infiniti HR’s partner in helping prevent, investigate, and solve any harassment and discrimination that happens in the workplace. To securely report an incident, employees can visit or call 866.946.5558. General or routine questions related to pay, benefits or to report a workplace injury should be directed to Infiniti HR’s main office at 866-552-6360.


To provide worksite employees a means to feel comfortable reporting workplace harassment and discrimination AND to provide the client company with a defense mechanism that proves the employee had a way to report anything high liability, to be investigated, and chose not to.

Response/Follow Up:

Once a concern is submitted, a Work Shield professional will conduct an impartial investigation into the incident and help your company resolve it fairly and quickly.

Work Shield is committed to fostering open and positive workplace cultures. They promise:

  • Employees will not experience any retaliation for reporting an incident to Work Shield.
  • Every incident is a top priority and taken seriously.
  • They will conduct every investigation without bias.
  • They will provide a quick resolution to the incident.

Confidentiality will be preserved up to a point that is reasonable and appropriate.  Infiniti HR is fully committed to labor law compliance and workplace safety.

Employee Management Forms

Forms and templates available to Infiniti’s PEO clients through their HR Consultant include but are not limited to:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Recruiting & Hiring
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Performance Management

Employee Handbooks

Many clients often ask, “Do I really need one”?  YES!  While it is a great employee tool, it is even better for the company.  It offers many protections, including a basis for proving what an employee “should have known”.  Additionally, the Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) carrier Infiniti HR utilizes for insuring client companies requires that an Employee Handbook be implemented at your workplace.

Employee handbook creation and/or updates are included in PEO client service fees.  Your HR Consultant can make customization and updates very easy! We will even create a rollout script for you.

Employee Files

Although Infiniti HR creates an employee file for all worksite employees, clients should keep a copy of all employee paperwork at their worksite.  You should place copies of performance appraisals, corrective/disciplinary actions and other documents not directly related to payroll processing in this file.  State law may require you to have an Employee File at the employee’s assigned worksite. Your HR Consultant will encourage you to have an Employee Files Guide created for your company; the Guide is included as part of the fee you to pay Infiniti HR.

The following are best practice suggestions when it comes to creating and maintaining Employee Files.

  • Files should be kept in a secure, locked  file cabinet in a room with a locked door and limited access.
  • The Employee Handbook or other documents that outline internal policies should specify when, how and with whom access to an employee file is granted.
  • Medical records per employee should be kept separate from the main employee file. Create separate per employee files for work related injuries as well.

Background Checks & Drug Testing

Conducting background checks & drug tests significantly benefits your ability to make a good hiring decision.

Background Checks are conducted through our Third Party Administrator, Sterling.  You may reference the Sterling Background Service Package & Price Lists, provided under separate cover, or visit for information on the services they offer. For ease of billing, the fees associated with the type of background check requested can be charged to the next payroll invoice.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act has strict rules regarding disclosures and adverse actions related to background checks.  If you decide to deny an offer of employment due to background check results, consult with Sterling and/or your Human Resources Consultant regarding your legal obligations & responsibilities.

Termination of Employment

Termination of employment can be primarily categorized in one of two ways:  Voluntary or Involuntary. Involuntary terminations (dismissed for cause, lack of work, etc.) are far more complex to deal with. In either case, we urge you to consider the procedural and legal duties associated with the termination of employment, seek assistance from your HR Consultant and consistently follow steps to keep your workplace secure and mitigate the risk of claims. 

Unemployment Claims

Whether a former employee resigned voluntarily or was discharged involuntarily, they still have the right to apply for Unemployment benefits.  It benefits every organization, in terms of the tax we pay, to disqualify employees from unemployment benefits if they were discharged for cause. 

Employees who file for unemployment should be filing their claims listing HR Service Group LLC (DBA Infiniti HR) as the employer of record, except in cases where state law has required the client company to leave their individual unemployment account open. Please send all Unemployment Claims to –

Infiniti HR is partnered with a highly reputable organization that specializes in Unemployment Cost Management.  We access their highly skilled claims managers for assistance in claims administration and auditing benefit charges. When the states reach out for additional information on unemployment claims, you will receive a SHIELD delegated notification.  Click on the link provided in the email, it will ask you a set of questions base on the reason for the employee termination.  You also will have the opportunity to upload documentation needed to  deny or support the claim.  We need client cooperation to disqualify ex-employees who should not be eligible to collect. 

Unemployment Hearings

If an otherwise ineligible employee is granted unemployment benefits, the worksite employer has the right to file an appeal.  In this case, Infiniti HR will need the assistance of our client contact and/or that employee’s former supervisor to provide further information and, in some cases, attend a hearing, either in a state agency office or via telephone.  It is not uncommon for phone hearings to be scheduled.  If a client contact is asked to participate in a phone hearing, it is imperative that they are available for this process.  State agencies will side with the former employee when the former employer is late to a hearing. 

Clients are encouraged to ask their assigned Human Resource Consultant to help them prepare for unemployment hearings/appeals.

QCan I safely terminate an employee due to poor job performance at the end of their introductory or probationary period of unemployment?

A: Probably.  Most states, but not all, are Employment-At-Will states.  This means the company has the right to terminate an employee so long as they are not under a specific written contract and there is no perceived or actual act of discrimination.  Discrimination based on the individual’s race, traits historically associated with race, such as natural and protective hair styles and hair texture, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or genetic information,  or any other category protected by law, is strictly prohibited.

QOne of my employees is frequently late to work.  What should I do?

AFollow your Attendance Policy, typically as outlined in your Employee Handbook, and issue a verbal or written warning.  An attendance policy should always state that excessive tardiness or absenteeism may result in corrective action, up to and including termination.

Q:  If an employee works overtime without authorization, do I have to pay them?

A:  YES.  Never withhold earned wages, regardless of whether those hours worked were approved or not.  If you have a written policy in place that clearly states overtime hours must be pre-approved, this is a disciplinary matter and the employee who violated policy should be counseled, either via verbal or written warning.

Q:  Can I grant Paid Time Off benefits on a case by case basis?

A:  Typically, no.  Businesses are expected to have policies, practices and benefits in place that are non-discriminatory.  In order to accomplish this, you would have to pre-determine a certain level or category of employees that are eligible and define how the benefit is awarded and administered.

Q:  I suspect that one of my employees is stealing.  Should I have them take a Polygraph?

A:  NO.  In only rare cases would a polygraph be considered a legal option.

Q:  Since I’m an “at-will” employer, I can fire an employee any time for any reason, right?

A:  Generally, yes. However, even at-will employers can NOT lawfully fire an employee for a discriminatory reason, such as pregnancy, race, or other protected characteristics, or in retaliation for raising a concern.

Risk Management / Workers Compensation

  • All workplace injuries must be reported to Infiniti HR immediately – regardless of how insignificant the injury or complaint may be at the time of the incident.
  • The First Report of Injury Form requires immediate completion and should be emailed promptly to
  • Your Infiniti HR Claims Coordinator will assist in medical triage, facilitate the filing of the claim and manage the ongoing claim administration efforts including return-to-work expectations.
  • Employees requiring work-related medical attention should be sent to the appropriate approved facility listed on your Medical Provider Panel (unique to each client) along with the Authorization for Treatment Form. This must be completed by the employer to assure prompt attention.
  • Should you need to determine the location of an approved medical facility outside of the facilities provided on your panel, please contact your coordinator directly or utilize (Username: NLA1236, Password: 1236)
  • The First Fill Card should be provided to any injured employee for use in filling their first prescription.
  • In the event an employee declines medical treatment, please have them complete and sign the Refusal of Medical Treatment Form. Promptly send to and maintain a copy for your records.
  • Requests for Certificates of Insurance, Waivers of Subrogation or other certificate holder needs, should be sent to our Certificates Department at
  • Requests for Loss Run Reports can be sent to Please include your legal name and 4-digit client ID. Kindly use the subject line, “Loss Run Request”
  • Infiniti HR offers an expansive Risk Management Library to each of our clients that includes online training courses, safety videos, digital training support materials and risk specific policy and procedure guides.  Contact to set up access.
  • OSHA 300 Logs should be completed and maintained, onsite, as injuries occur. Please reference the attached OSHA Forms for Recording Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses to maintain onsite records.  Loss Run Reports can be requested at any time to provide detailed claim information for completing your OSHA 300 Logs.
  • Please contact Adriana Sanchez, Insurance Manager, to assist with any additional lines of insurance your business may need,

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