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Unlock unparalleled access to comprehensive Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solutions with us, the leading PEO provider. Our extensive suite of services encompasses HR, payroll, benefits, and beyond, designed to empower your business.

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For decades, Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) have been pivotal in empowering distinguished employers, representing a workforce larger than the combined employees of major US corporations like Walmart, Amazon, FedEx, Starbucks, AT&T, Wells Fargo, Apple, and Google.

Our PEO facilitates the attainment of strategic business goals through a suite of comprehensive solutions, addressing critical challenges. We enable businesses to reduce employer liability risks and clear the path for seamless growth. Leveraging the economies of scale usually reserved for larger corporations, our PEO offers small and medium-sized enterprises a distinct competitive edge.

We assist in stabilizing labor costs annually and protect our client’s interests from wage-related disputes. Collaborating with our PEO allows companies to concentrate on their primary expertise while confidently striving toward their future ambitions.

Our PEO has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by recent features: 

The Essential Role of a Professional Employer Organization

Partnering with a PEO means delegating crucial employer responsibilities, as detailed in our service agreements. This collaboration enables the PEO to manage essential administrative functions—payroll, recruitment, benefits administration, and insurance—allowing businesses to dedicate their focus to principal profit-generating activities. Our PEO solutions aim to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and liberate essential time and resources. By joining forces with our PEO, companies not only streamline their operations but also minimize risks and costs, all while pursuing their strategic objectives with greater confidence.

Understanding the Functionality of a PEO

A PEO operates as a unifying force, amalgamating businesses across the diverse landscapes of all 50 states, honing its expertise in reducing employer liability—a necessary and skilled endeavor.

By forming a co-employment relationship with its client businesses, our Professional Employer Organization shares employer duties, effectively partitioning the responsibilities between the worksite employer (the client) and the administrative employer (the PEO). Clients, as the worksite employers, maintain control over essential elements that define their business, such as organizational culture, brand identity, product quality, and overarching strategic choices. This control extends to direct responsibilities like recruitment, termination, and day-to-day management.

Conversely, as the administrative employer, our PEO takes on significant roles concerning payroll administration, regulatory compliance, and managing employee benefits. This collaborative model enables clients to zero in on their primary business functions and revenue generation, leaving the heavy lifting of administrative tasks to us. Partnering with our PEO not only allows businesses to streamline their operations and focus on growth but also provides a shield against risks and helps in curtailing operational expenses.

Features of the INFINITI HR Professional Employer Organization Services

One Service | Four Pillars

  1. Payroll and Tax Filing:
    POS/Time Clock/Schedule System Integration Included
  2. State-Specific HR Management
    On-Demand One-Point-of-Contact HR Director, Recruiter, etc.
  3. Employer Mandatory Insurance
    True-Group Workers’ Compensation and EPLI
  4. Employer Voluntary Insurance
    True-Group Fortune 500® Level Customized Health, Dental, Vision, Disability, Life, 401k, etc

Relevant PEO FAQs:

Q: What exactly is a PEO?

A: A PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, represents a comprehensive partnership in human resources outsourcing, also known as co-employment. This model allows a PEO to handle various administrative tasks such as payroll management, benefits administration, and compliance on behalf of a client business. Each PEO is unique, offering a range of strategic services, making it crucial for businesses to thoroughly evaluate and compare potential partners.

Q: Can you explain how a PEO arrangement functions?

A: In a PEO partnership, responsibilities are shared through a co-employment model, where the client company and the PEO divide employer duties. Clients maintain control over their business’s culture, branding, quality, and key decisions, including hiring and supervising. Meanwhile, the PEO takes on significant responsibilities like payroll, compliance, and benefits management. This allows businesses to concentrate on their primary goals and growth while outsourcing the administrative complexities to the PEO.

Q: How can I ensure my company remains the primary workplace authority?

A: Within a PEO relationship, you remain the primary authority over your worksite. The PEO acts as the “employer of record” for administrative purposes only and does not influence your company’s culture, brand, or operational quality. Your employees will identify with your company as their primary workplace, focusing on the core values and goals you set.

Q: Why do businesses opt for your PEO services?

A: Companies choose our PEO services for strategic enhancement, risk mitigation, and growth facilitation. By leveraging large-scale economies and minimizing employer liability, we offer a competitive edge, stabilize labor costs, and protect clients from wage-related issues. Our goal is to empower businesses to focus on their primary missions while we handle the complexities of employment administration.

Q: Are PEO solutions a recent innovation?

A: PEOs have been bolstering businesses for decades, representing a workforce larger than many major corporations combined. They have proven to drive faster growth, reduce turnover, and significantly lower the likelihood of business failure compared to companies without PEO support. While some may consider PEOs a newer solution due to recent business challenges, they have long been a strategic asset for growth-minded companies.

Q: What distinguishes INFINITI HR from other PEOs and HR/payroll services?

A: INFINITI HR stands out by combining certified excellence with a deep understanding of entrepreneurial needs. As the chosen PEO for franchises and a partner to iconic brands, we deliver unmatched value through quality services, personalized support, and competitive pricing. Unlike traditional payroll processors, our solutions are designed to reduce total labor costs, not just manage payroll, making us a strategic partner for businesses aiming for sustainable growth.

Q: What should be my first question when comparing PEOs to payroll/HR software services?

A: Begin by assessing the full cost of employing non-revenue generating staff, including all associated taxes, insurances, and administrative expenses. Compare this to the cost-effectiveness and strategic advantages of outsourcing these functions to a PEO. This perspective will help you evaluate whether a PEO can offer better value and support your business objectives more effectively than in-house or software-based solutions.

Q: How does INFINITI HR’s technology stack up against other solutions?

A: Our technology is designed to do more than streamline administrative tasks—it aims to reduce employer liability and labor costs. By aggregating data from a diverse range of businesses nationwide, our system proactively mitigates employer risk. Partnering with us means accessing cutting-edge HR technology that not only simplifies payroll and HR tasks but also supports your strategic business goals.

Q: What strategic benefits do businesses gain by using a PEO over in-house HR or payroll software?

A: Businesses gain no strategic advantage by managing non-revenue-generating tasks internally. Outsourcing to a PEO like INFINITI HR allows companies to focus resources on growth and innovation, leveraging our expertise and economies of scale to reduce costs and mitigate risks more effectively than they could on their own.

Q: What makes up the core features of your PEO service?

A: Our PEO service is built on four pillars: Payroll and Tax Filing, State-Specific HR Management, Employer Mandatory Insurance, and Employer Voluntary Insurance. These pillars support comprehensive service offerings, including POS/time clock integration, on-demand HR support, and access to premium group benefits, providing a robust infrastructure for business growth.

Q: How does the process of implementing your PEO work?

A: The transition to our PEO service is a strategic move designed to empower your business. It starts with reallocating your labor costs to leverage our purchasing power and economies of scale. This shift allows you to attract and retain top talent by offering competitive benefits and creating an infrastructure that competes with larger enterprises, ultimately focusing your efforts on growth

Process for Implementing Your Professional Employer Organization

STEP 1: Allocate the Cost of Labor

First, the employer allocates the annual aggregate cost of labor to INFINITI HR for a service. INFINITI HR has the economies of scale and purchasing power of a large enterprise. We apply unit-based economics to the total cost of labor as fundamental financial building blocks to mitigate employer liability and to minimize the total cost of labor.

STEP 2: Conversion & Recruitment

Second, growing businesses are only as good as the people they hire. Growing enterprises are viewed as employers of choice in their respective markets in part because they can compete with larger enterprises through a superior infrastructure to attract and retain the best talent through INFINITI HR. Our PEO clients have recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), complimentary as part of the service. You will be introduced to your dedicated conversion manager and recruiter during the conversion stage.

STEP 3: Non-Revenue Generation

Third, following the conversion stage, we assume the non-revenue generating employer obligations on behalf of the employer of the worksite so you can focus on your purpose and your passion – growing your business.

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