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Times have changed. So should your human capital management. We provide a one point of contact HR consultant to help with employee handbooks, performance management solutions, HR administration services, and more.

Tailored HR Solutions for Your Business

Elevate Your Workforce Management with Customized HR Support

At INFINITI HR, we pride ourselves on being the most flexible PEO in the industry, dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of HR consulting services. Our mission is to bolster your business’s workforce management needs with an approach that streamlines and elevates HR fundamentals for companies of all sizes. We’re committed to helping you establish a robust foundation for employee management, aimed at reducing costs, mitigating risks, and guiding your business towards HR self-sufficiency.

Whether you need support for a specific project, such as crafting an employee handbook, or ongoing assistance across various aspects of workforce management, our services are tailored to meet your requirements in the following areas:

HR Services we Provide:

  1. Employee Handbooks: Ensure compliance and clarity with your primary employee communication tool. Our services include reviewing or creating employee handbooks to establish work rules, define expectations, ensure consistency, safeguard against discrimination claims or wrongful discharge, and showcase your company culture to current and prospective employees.
  2. Job Descriptions: Crucial for directing supervisors, aligning employee performance with company objectives, determining fair compensation, and conducting accurate evaluations. We assist in crafting or updating job descriptions to accurately reflect your current needs and effectively communicate your vision and goals.
  3. Compliance Posters: Access the latest Federal and State Employment Law Posters to maintain legal compliance in your workplace.
  4. Employee Records Management: Guidance on maintaining employee files, including a comprehensive Records Retention Chart.
  5. Legal Compliance Consultation: Expert advice on Federal and State Wage and Hour/Labor Laws, covering areas such as Anti-Harassment, Non-Discrimination, Disabilities Act compliance, Family Leave policies, Minimum Wage, Overtime, Child Labor laws, Deductions, and regulations on Meals, Breaks, and Final Pay.
  6. Standard Employee Management Forms: A collection of essential forms for internal use, including Employment Applications, Deductions Authorizations, Employee Counseling Forms, and Performance Reviews.
  7. On-Demand Guidance: Reliable, on-call support for various common employee management challenges, questions, and best practices, ensuring you have access to expertise whenever you need it.

Let us empower your business with the HR solutions it deserves, simplifying your processes and allowing you to focus on your core strengths. Our team is ready to assist in building and maintaining a strong, compliant, and efficient HR infrastructure tailored to your specific needs.

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