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Clarity Voice delivers world-class cloud unified communications/VoIP phone services to franchised businesses, multi-location companies, and leading organizations with inbound sales and service centers.


Clarity Voice is the parent company to FranchisePhones®, the only VoiIP service dedicated to franchisees. With FranchisePhones®, upgrading with the power of VoIP is made easy and their award-winning customer care team helps determine the best system to fit the needs of each franchisor and franchisee. Clarity Voice is entrusted by some of the most respected institutions throughout the world, such as the International Franchise Association (IFA.) Clarity Voice is the communications solution of choice across such networks because of their world-class service coupled with technology at the leading edge of the industry. In 2012, Clarity Voice was challenged to cut labor costs, mitigate employer liability and increase operational efficiency across its growing enterprise. The company was in search of a certified professional employer organization that would offer a personalized local service standard to support their unique culture and brand standard. Their initial search for a PEO first led them to divisions of multinational payroll companies that were too expensive, one-size-fits-all, not designed by entrepreneurs and not managed by certified franchise executives.


After searching dozens of PEO’s, Clarity Voice then found “The Professional Employer Organization for Franchises®.” INFINITI HR provided:

  1. State-specific, On-Demand HR tailored to the Clarity Voice brand standard.
  2. Grandfathered admin fee discount for the life of the account (no increases to admin fee regardless of the consistent impressive growth of Clarity Voice.)
  3. Account represented by a Certified Franchise Executive.

“What is unique about INFINITI HR — that I found no other payroll company could do — is allow me to expand in any state, in an instant. So in today’s diverse workforce and virtual workforce, I want to be able to have employees in any state in the nation. INFINITI HR is my PEO empowering us to do so.”

Gary Goerke, CFA | President and CEO/Clarity Voice


  • Reputation in franchise management: INFINITI HR is “The Professional Employer Organization for Franchises®;” This PEO by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs is the first of its kind, designed specifically to best accommodate companies with similar sizes & scopes of Clarity Voice.
  • This customizable PEO is a “Certified Professional Employer Organization” by the IRS and the most cost efficient in the market today, far more affordable than traditional PEOs.
  • This customizable PEO is also more affordable than multinational payroll companies who offer a one-size-fits-all model, (charging payroll reporting fees, HR software fees, HR management fees, insurance brokerage fees, recruitment fees, etc.,) with no mitigation of employer liability and no insulation of the client’s asset from employer of record obligations.


  • The flat dollar admin fee of INFINITI HR was approximately 60% less expensive than any other professional employer organization, including PEOs owned and operated by well-known payroll companies.
  • Clarity Voice is able to allocate the aggregate cost of labor (and its associated administrative burden) to the PEO for a service, empowering this leading supplier to many of the most recognized franchised brands in the world to grow faster while mitigating employer liability.
  • Clarity gained operational efficiency and the economies of scale of a larger enterprise, empowering this leading supplier the ability to expand into different states, in an instant.

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