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Cultivating Gratitude is Good for Business (And You)

The science of gratitude and its impact on well-being and business performance is settled. Take time each day to cultivate gratitude for better engagement, performance, and overall well-being. I’m writing this on the eve of November, a month well-known in the U.S. for Thanksgiving: a day of giving thanks and gratitude. The business community has […]

Drive Small Business Results with Six Simple Gratitude Practices

As a small business leader, you are focused on productivity, employee retention, and business growth. Leading with gratitude will help you achieve those results—and sustainable, long-term success. When you think of the actions required for business success, you might first think about satisfying your client’s expectations, lowering your costs while increasing your profit margin, and […]

December Legal Updates

INFINITI HR is happy to provide Monthly State Labor Law Updates as a service to our subscribers. These briefs provide a general description and are not meant to be all-inclusive of compliance requirements. This list is not inclusive of all legislative changes for employers across the U.S. Changes may have been addressed in previous updates, […]

Why It’s Time to Redraw Your Leadership Boundaries

Today’s business best practices focus on leaders helping employees find better work/life balance and setting healthier boundaries. We believe it’s time for small business leaders to check in with themselves and redefine and redraw their boundaries to be effective, productive, and thrive in their work. Visit any business news and advice website these days, and you’ll see […]

Hardwiring a Winning Small Business Culture

A winning team is an energized team. Celebrate the wins to increase employee engagement, productivity, and performance. If you’re reading this, you have cause to celebrate. What we’ve been through since the pandemic is breathtaking. I don’t know of any small business leader who hasn’t experienced widespread and sudden change since 2020. It’s time to […]

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