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How to Handle Underperforming Employees

Common business owner question: How do I terminate this employee without fear of a legal challenge? In general, there are two ways to tackle this. First, create a hiring process that identifies poor performing employee BEFORE they are hired. Second, minimize liability by complying with labor laws, and hiring managers that are effective. Costs and […]

New Hire Onboarding That Motivates

Contractor Dan; he’s beyond frustrated.  More than half of the employees he has hired in the last year have been let go – most of them in the first 90 days.  Yikes! If a terminated employee costs the company at least one times the position’s annual salary, that’s a big loss to the P&L. So, […]

Infiniti HR Announces New Corporate Perks Program for Clients and Employees

BURTONSVILLE, MD – Infiniti HR, a rapidly growing and customer-focused PEO, announces a new corporate perks program for its clients and more than 20,000 co-employees across the nation. This exciting new opportunity allows members of the Infiniti HR network to take advantage of exclusive corporate offers available by top merchants and on the things we […]

HR Due Diligence When Buying a Franchise

For an increasing number of entrepreneurs, running a franchise can be seen as an attractive proposition. Simply put, franchising is the practice of using another firm’s successful business model. You may be coming into franchise ownership with a good business background. You may even be fortunate enough to understand the basics of hiring, management and […]

Infiniti HR, a Leader in Public Advocacy, Sponsors the 2013 IFA Public Affairs Conference

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Infiniti HR, a rapidly growing and customer-focused PEO, is the brand thats driving public advocacy for franchises. So much that the company is going the next step to support small businesses in America by attending the 2013 International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Public Affairs Conference taking place September 16-17, 2013 at the JW […]

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