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Too Busy and Burned Out to Plan? Try This Instead.

SHOW OF HANDS: WHO’S FEELING FATIGUED, STRESSED, AND BURNED OUT AFTER 24 MONTHS OF THIS PANDEMIC? Me too. As a small business owner and leader, I can admit that I’ve had my fair share of “No más!” moments. My list of challenges is probably similar to yours, including compassion fatigue, which even the most heart-driven […]

Make Delegation a Win-Win Experience

Have you ever been in this situation – you have numerous projects or responsibilities on your plate and you feel like it is up to you to accomplish them all? You may have one or even several employees on your team, but you feel like you have to be the one who controls how and […]

HR’s Version of “How to Say it”

NOT SURE HOW TO HAVE TOUGH CONVERSATIONS WITH EMPLOYEES WHEN YOU CAN’T “CALL HR”?  NO PROBLEM!  THIS WILL HELP YOU NAVIGATE THE MOST COMMON CHALLENGES. Are you in what we call a “catch all” position? You run the office or operations, which by the way includes HR? Are you generally trained on following labor laws […]

New Rules for HR

Ever worry that involving HR makes things more complicated than necessary? Feel like corporate HR “speak” has a tendency to be overdone – to lose its audience. Time for a reset; at the very least for small businesses. I recently received an email, from a vendor we are quite happy with, that had all kinds […]

Job Market Report Trend: Interview No Shows

The job market is so good, candidates are not showing up for interviews, or not showing up for their first day on the job. We have been seeing a steady increase in this behavior in the last 18 months. Nationally, it is just now getting reported (CNN report link). Seven things you can do: 1) […]

Wage & Hour Violations That Might Surprise You

The manager you hired a year ago sends you a text resigning at the end of the business day, leaving a letter of resignation on your desk. Surprised, you reach out to the employee, via text, to discuss the matter as well as close the loop on a few outstanding issues. No response. Additionally, the […]

Top 10 Reasons to Update your Employee Handbook

If you have an Employee Handbook already in place, fabulous! If you don’t and you wonder if you need one, the answer is yes.  Refer to “The ROI of an Employee Handbook.” We are always pleased to hear that a company has what they call an employee “manual”. We prefer “Handbook” for a variety of […]

Six Steps to Improve New Employee Onboarding

Have you ever seen a new employee leave after just one day of work? What was your first thought when that happened? Probably somewhere along the lines of “Wow, it must have been bad”. Unless there was some type of unexpected challenge or emergency, this is not a good sign for a company. And it […]

The Three Most Common Job Offer Mistakes

Have you ever heard “be careful what you put in writing?” This phrase is especially true when making written offers of employment. Perhaps you were lucky enough to find ideal candidates to fill unique positions; some of which may have been difficult to fill in the past. While this is good news, these sharp candidates […]

PEO for HR Support and Peace of Mind

Doctor Z.  Poor Doctor Z.  Three months later he still has mass anxiety about another wage and hour investigation. Last time the end result was more than $30,000 in back wages, back taxes and fines. How?  It only takes one unhappy current or ex-employee to start an investigation, and the results are usually unfavorable.  Doctor […]