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5 HR Basics for Any Small Business

We often hear about the Department of Labor trying to combat “catch me if you can”. All those small business owners that, according to them, just love to ignore or avoid employment laws. While there may be some out there, the vast majority just don’t know these laws exist. And if they do know they […]

We Have an Employee Handbook, Now What?

Congratulations on even having an employee handbook! Many small businesses try to go without, which ends up being a mistake. A current and labor law compliant employee handbook is an ASSET. It welcomes new employees, answers commonly asked questions and establishes standards for consistency and accountability; it proves what the employee should have known when […]

5 Tips for Successful PEO HR Services

Congratulations!  You have chosen to work with a professional employer organization (PEO) to make your payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation and human resource management life easier – all at a one stop shop and price. There are many advantages to using a PEO.  Many of them were likely presented and discussed during the sales and enrollment […]

5 Key Trainings Before Promoting to Supervisor

As a small business owner it is great to identify high achieving employees that are being groomed to become a manager or supervisor.  This means your business is growing and you are in a position to lighten or re-distribute your load by trusting a supervisor to make a certain level of operational and leadership decisions […]

How to Handle Underperforming Employees

Common business owner question: How do I terminate this employee without fear of a legal challenge? In general, there are two ways to tackle this. First, create a hiring process that identifies poor performing employee BEFORE they are hired. Second, minimize liability by complying with labor laws, and hiring managers that are effective. Costs and […]

New Hire Onboarding That Motivates

Contractor Dan; he’s beyond frustrated.  More than half of the employees he has hired in the last year have been let go – most of them in the first 90 days.  Yikes! If a terminated employee costs the company at least one times the position’s annual salary, that’s a big loss to the P&L. So, […]

HR Due Diligence When Buying a Franchise

For an increasing number of entrepreneurs, running a franchise can be seen as an attractive proposition. Simply put, franchising is the practice of using another firm’s successful business model. You may be coming into franchise ownership with a good business background. You may even be fortunate enough to understand the basics of hiring, management and […]

Cutting Unemployment Claim Costs for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you might be having a tough time coming to grips with unemployment insurance. At Infiniti HR, we want to help you better understand what this is and how it works so that you may cut down on unemployment insurance costs. It’s a joint federal-state program that allows unemployed workers to […]

The ROI of an Employee Handbook: Does My Company Really Need One?

As the business owner, you probably know the basic policies and practices you want included in an employee handbook so that current and future employees follow. But do you know what labor laws you are required to comply with, and what optional policies might benefit your organization? As a national professional employer organization (PEO), one […]