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Cybersecurity and HR: How They Are Interconnected

How interconnected are cybersecurity and HR? Alvin Evans III and other employees of MGM Resorts International must never have anticipated they would experience a payment delay from their employer. However, that is precisely what Evans reported to KVVU-TV in Las Vegas. Speaking with the news outlet, he stated:  “We kind of heard about it when we […]

Total Employee Compensation: Why This Should be The Metric Used to Measure the Value of a Job

Sometimes, it is abundantly clear in the interview room that a prospective job candidate is only interested in how much pay they will receive for the work they perform. It is hardly surprising to realize that most people take on a new job to earn an income and provide for their families. However, the value […]

10 Ways to Keep Employees Happy Without a Pay Raise

Studies show that happy employees are 12 percent more productive than unhappy employees on average. As such, it is no wonder that organizations are constantly looking for ways to keep their workforce happy and productive. While a pay raise can help to retain top talent, it is not enough to keep staff from seeking opportunities elsewhere. Hiring […]

September 2023 Legal Updates

INFINITI HR is happy to provide Monthly State Labor Law Updates as a service to our subscribers. These briefs provide a general description and are not meant to be all-inclusive of compliance requirements. This list is not inclusive of all legislative changes for employers across the U.S. Changes may have been addressed in previous updates, […]

Conflict in the Workplace: Sharpen Your Communication Skills to Avoid Tension

Quality business leaders always think about the next challenge ahead. These forward-thinking visionaries can envision potential problems down the road before they ever arrive. When issues like this become visible, they can be adequately addressed and put to rest. It is necessary to continue to improve your company and create the kind of place where […]

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