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Your Small Business HR Roadmap to Growth

Growing your company requires planning, execution, and “expecting the unexpected.” This article shares the most fundamental assets in your HR roadmap to support your company’s growth and long-term success. As a leading PEO and human resources outsourcing firm, we have “seen it all.” Companies often call us when they either realize their businesses have outgrown […]

April Legal Updates

INFINITI HR is happy to provide Monthly State Labor Law Updates as a service to our subscribers. These briefs provide a general description and are not meant to be all-inclusive of compliance requirements. This list is not inclusive of all legislative changes for employers across the U.S. Changes may have been addressed in previous updates, […]

Ask This, Not That When Interviewing Job Candidates

Instead of asking, “So tell me about yourself?” when interviewing job candidates, ask these five questions instead.  The most-used question when interviewing job candidates is this: “Tell me about yourself?” As HR experts, we cringe every time we hear this question! It’s a bad question. For starters, it’s too broad. Do you want the job […]

Top 20 Great Questions Leaders Ask

Great results begin with great questions. We compiled the top 20 questions to ask yourself and your team for winning solutions. Experts know the questions to ask to get to the heart of the challenge and opportunity. When our team at INFINITI HR consults with our clients, they are trained to identify the root challenges […]

Why Modern Leaders are Caretakers at Work

If you’re not caretaking your employees, they will find venues for caring for themselves: like leaving your company. Learn ways to be a better caretaker: for better employee engagement and business results. Our sister company, Inspiring HR, recently created new company values to guide how they work with our clients and colleagues. As an HR […]

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