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What is Quiet Quitting and What to Do About it

Never mind the Great Resignation. Is “Quiet Quitting” the next talent challenge? A recent Wall Street Journal article states that not taking your job seriously has a new name: Quiet Quitting. HOWEVER, QUIET QUITTING MAY JUST BE A NEW TERM FOR AN OLD PROBLEM  Employees becoming disengaged and doing the bare minimum is nothing new in the […]

September Labor Law Updates

INFINITI HR is happy to provide Monthly State Labor Law Updates as a service to our subscribers. These briefs provide a general description and are not meant to be all inclusive of compliance requirements. This list is not inclusive of all legislative changes for employers across the U.S. Changes may have been addressed in previous […]

Struggling with Employee Recognition? Try Reimagining Appreciation Instead.

Employee appreciation isn’t about pizza parties in the break room or giving a pat on the back. Sure, hosting fun events and compliments are great ways to appreciate and engage your employees. But effective employee engagement is about charting a path to further success for your employees and creating opportunities for their futures so they […]

Why the Best Small Business Employee Handbooks Are Never Done

When was the last time you updated your employee handbook? If you are like many small business leaders and owners, you might have to think. And that could be a problem. Employee handbooks are essential for employee engagement and retention. The very best are sources of truth for your company brand, culture, and what makes […]

Need to Have a Tough Employee Conversation? Just Say It.

We work with small businesses across the country. Despite different states and different industries, there is a common challenge facing all our clients: Fear of having hard conversations. We seemed to have forgotten how to have discourse. Ironically, at a time in which technology has made it infinitely easier to communicate, we’re doing less and […]

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