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The Possibilities of Commission Pay

Commission pay is synonymous with outside sales positions, but are there other possibilities of commission pay beyond reaching sales quotas? Commission Pay: The Definition Commission pay is any money paid to an employee for the sale of a product or a service on behalf of their employer. Commission pay can a set percentage of sales […]


Why Small Businesses Need a Competency-Based Hiring Strategy

Gather a group of small business owners in a room and you’ll hear this common complaint, “it’s hard to find good people.” This phrase breaks my heart because there are plenty of skilled people dying to find a job in a company like yours. However, many small businesses miss the mark when they fail to […]

Remote Work as a Competitive Advantage

It’s no secret that remote environments are growing in popularity; a trend that is being driven by new generations of workers who expect boundaries and desire harmony between work time and personal time. But remote workplaces do come with challenges.  One often cited is the lack of collective work experiences – including a shared office space […]

Ditching the Annual Review

THE ANNUAL PERFORMANCE REVIEW WAS ONCE THE DARLING OF THE HR WORLD. It was designed to document past performance, justify employment actions and salary decisions, and motivate employees to excel – all of which continue to be essential elements of employee management. Sadly, in most companies the annual performance review struggles to live up to […]

Imagining the Workplace of the Future

Back in the 1950s, Frederick Herzberg explored the link between an employee’s motivation to perform their job and the environment in which they must perform it.  It was a revolutionary idea for its time, but now it’s accepted as fact – that poor working environments will increase rates of employee dissatisfaction.   Thankfully, working conditions have come a long […]

Compensation That Motivates

Getting the Most Motivation from Those Precious Payroll Dollars When HR professionals peer inside the crystal ball, some see a time when the annual salary increase is no more. c. A 2% to 4% increase range may represent a significant investment of company resources, but it’s simply not enough to wow any individual employee. Additionally, over […]

Tattoos in the Workplace

There was a time when companies looking to ban visible tattoos in the workplace had a relatively easy time of it. After all, employees with tattoos have no specific legal protections under Title VII. And yet, the EEOC has filed a number of lawsuits against companies that prohibit visible tattoos. Once again, a seemingly straightforward […]

Employee Theft – Reducing Your Overall Risk

You’ve just discovered that one of your employees has been stealing money from your company over a period of time. Once you get over the initial shock that this trusted person has been stealing from you, the logical thing is to terminate the employee and then withhold money from their final paycheck or just withhold […]

Time to Replace Outdated HR Policies

Out with the old, and in with the new! How Respectful Workplace Policies are Replacing Antiquated Workplace Conduct Policies Compliance with federal, state, and municipal workplace regulations is an unavoidable challenge of doing business, and the ways business owners choose to apply and communicate these mandatory policies continue to evolve. It’s incumbent on business owners […]