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Rethinking Multitasking

Less Multi-Tasking… More Effectiveness So, you’re hiring and seeing a slew of resumes from candidates who claim to be experts at multi-tasking. In interviews, they profess a great love of jumping from project to project, call to call, and back to the first project again, all while keeping everything straight and finishing every task in […]

Offer Letters, Not Employment Contracts

“Offer Letters ” vs.“Employment Contracts” and knowing the difference. When hiring a new employee, the goal is to find a great performer who will also follow your established policies and procedures, be able to get along with his or her co-workers, and will be loyal to your company. Once you do find that perfect candidate, […]

Inheriting an Under Performing Employee

It’s something you dread as a manager: you take over a department, or are newly hired in to manage one and realize very quickly that there is an employee who isn’t pulling his or her weight and has not been for quite some time, contrary to what their employee files may show. Even if performance issues […]

Hiring Out of Desperation – Don’t Do It!

All managers have been there: an employee has given his or her notice, and your first instinct is to hire, and quickly. No sooner has the employee left your office than you jump into your recruiting process and start to review resumes as they fly in, hoping to get the perfect candidate in the door before […]

Employees Come with Risk and Reward

Did you have a good start up year?  Ready to hire in 2017?  About to open a new franchise? Don’t let anyone tell you hiring isn’t worth it or having employees is like having more children. When you make the right hiring decisions, and you are considering a “builder” – one who enjoys developing and […]

Peer to Peer Recognition Builds a Great Culture

Is it annual review time at your company?  Do you have leaders scrambling for “content” on those they may have not provided feedback to throughout the year? Think Annual Reviews aren’t worth it?  While there is a movement to do away with them, that only works in a company where employees are given feedback, often; […]

The Gift of Work Life Balance

Does a work-life balance really exist?  And what does it even mean to have a work-life balance? Employers and employees alike have differing ideas on what it means, and if it is really even possible, to have a work-life balance. While onsite at work, employers with a more “traditional” work culture and workday structure may […]

Offers of Employment – Close the Deal

We’ve all had it happen – after a long process of resume searches, phone screens, interview rounds, you come to the final interview with your star candidate and everyone loves him or her. No other candidates have really come close.  Salary is set, the offer letter is written and approved by the top level manager.  […]