InsurTech for PEOple©

INFINITI HR is powered by Mulberri, an embedded InsurTech platform built for PEO clients. Access business insurance products in the blink of an eye.

InsurTech for PEOple© – Redefining How Insurance is Delivered

Designed for INFINITI HR

Mulberri is an embedded insurance platform that is built ground up for PEOs and Brokers

Mulberri is a marketplace to procure Property & Casualty lines of coverage in fast and automated manner

Mulberri optimizes PEO business workflows and speeds up client acquisition

Mulberri provides risk analytics by integrating with multiple systems like HRIS, Payroll and others

Mulberri provides an insurance portal for small business clients to access their policy and proof of insurance

Mulberri is an InsurTech platform embedded within INFINITI HR.

Mulberri is a marketplace to procure business lines of coverage from ‘A’ Rated Carriers who compete for PEO clients, in a virtual instant.

Mulberri provides PEO clients risk analytics by integrating with multiple systems, such as HRIS.

Business Insurance Products

Cyber Liability

Provides coverage in the event of a hack, data breach, or system compromise.

Workers’ Compensation

Covers you and your employees in the event of a workplace accident or injury.

Employment Practices Liability

Provides protection against various employee lawsuits.

General Liability

Protects against third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage.

Business Owner’s Policy

Protects your business location and assets by providing coverage for lost income due to business disruption.

Professional Liability

Provides coverage for you and your company in the event you make a mistake while rendering professional services to customers.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial umbrella insurance provides PEO clients extra protection to help cover a claim that exceeds the limits of General Liability.

How Mulberri Works?

Smart and Fast Submission Intake

Mulberri’s embedded Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provides multiple ways to gather data, reduce time & complexity for PEO clients.

Automated Quote and Bind

Mulberri’s AI-engine sends quote requests to several carriers, simultaneously, who compete for your business with best-in-class discounts designed for PEO clients.

Protection and Monitoring

Mulberri’s partners provide additional protection services to reduce business risk for PEO clients.

Data-driven Insurance Management

Mulberri’s data-driven personalized experience means gone are the days of tackling business lines of coverage once a year at time of renewal. Mulberri proactively monitors PEO clients to ensure all INFINITI HR clients receive best-in-class insurance discounts. Instead of manually underwriting employer insurance once a year during annual renewal though traditional brokerage riddled in archaic procedures that cost small businesses time & money, Mulberri InsurTech automatically has your back throughout the year and can alert you the instant we detect you may qualify for any new insurance discount.

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