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ALLUINN currently holds more than $500 million in hospitality and multi-family development projects located in Southern California, South Carolina, and Texas.


ALLUINN specializes in hotel development, construction, operations, management, real estate brokerage, commercial insurance brokerage, multi-family construction, general contracting, consulting, and business advisory. Its principals have more than 150 years of business experience and have been involved in the development of thousands of housing units, hotel rooms, and hotel gaming rooms across the United States. ALLUINN continues to enjoy exponential growth, receiving multiple awards throughout asset classes and maintains C-suite level hospitality brand relationships. Difficult development projects and municipal jurisdictions are ALLUINN’s specialty. When the time came to outsource difficult employer obligations for this world-class developer, ALLUINN called INFINITI HR.


“The Professional Employer Organization for Hospitality Management©.”

  • National Alliance uniformed discount for all hotel properties developed by ALLUINN.
  • True-Group Master Workers’ Compensation and Employment Practices Liability Insurance for all hotel properties developed by ALLUINN.
  • On-demand, state- specific HR director for all hotel properties developed by ALLUINN.
  • Full regulatory compliance management, risk management, payroll management, and benefits management for all hotel properties developed by ALLUINN.
  • Allocation of the annual aggregate cost of labor to the PEO for all hotel properties developed by ALLUINN: one line-item general ledger deduction.


  • Reputation in hospitality management: “The Professional Employer Organization” of INFINITI HR was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. As the leading entrepreneurs in their industry, ALLUINN works only with the most reputable hospitality management professionals. A supplier who wishes to work with ALLUINN must be certified; INFINITI HR is represented by a Certified Master Hotel Supplier. As a Certified Professional Employer Organization by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), INFINITI HR has no hidden fees, no “à la carte” pricing with transparency in billing and custom reporting tailored for each hotel property developed by ALLUINN.
  • On-demand recruitment process outsourcing (RPO.)
  • On-demand one-point-of-contact HR director to write employee handbooks, performance review templates, provide ongoing HR management, etc.


  • INFINITI HR cut the total annual aggregate cost of labor by approximately 18%.
  • Working with INFINITI HR allows ALLUINN to protect its assets and take employer of record obligations off their book.
  • Superior performance of ALLUINN depends on its ability to maximize value creation and value capture. They have created and captured maximum value and grown faster than their rivals without having to employ additional team members to manage non-revenue generating work. ALLUINN runs leaner and more efficiently than its rivals in part because it is not burdened with employer obligations.

“I only do business with people I like to do business with. The suite of services INFINITI HR provides makes us look like a much bigger employer and helps us be an Employer of Choice; we can offer additional services that many companies our size cannot offer because we are affiliated with INFINITI HR.”

Ted J. Torres, CHA | Principal, ALLUINN

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