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Infiniti Unemployment Trust

Save More to Serve More

At Infiniti HR, we know that every dollar spent lessens the amount of money available to invest in your mission-related work. Dedicated to helping you save more to serve more, we have created the Infiniti Insurance Trust as a stable, secure and cost-effective alternative to paying state unemployment taxes. With unemployment rates high and state unemployment funds attempting to correct severe deficits, nonprofit organizations pay higher unemployment taxes than the benefits paid out on their behalf.

The Federal Tax Code provides an opportunity for agencies to opt out of their state unemployment system and instead become reimbursing employers that only reimburse the state for the actual unemployment benefits paid to former employees. The Infiniti Insurance Trust can help make this a safe and efficient reality.


Our unique reimbursable unemployment trust program allows for the immediate reduction in unemployment costs, improved cash flow for your agency, aggressive claims administration and stop loss protection. The amounts paid into your Infiniti Insurance Trust are immediate balance sheet interest accruing assets and are returned to you in the form of potential dividends or upon any departure from the program.


Our members typically receive a 30% discount from their current state tax rate, avoid state surcharges and are able to fund expected liability in small incremental payments. We integrate our program with best practices to assure every claim is managed from start to finish and our members are positioned for successful outcomes. Our goal is to grow your assets through conservative investment while managing and reducing your future claims liability. Infiniti Insurance Trust has partnered with Thomas & Thorngren (T&T) to assure a detail-driven approach resulting in assured unemployment cost control and improvement on historical outcomes.

“Nonprofits pay the state systems more than $2 in taxes for every $1 in claims. Infiniti Insurance Trust cuts your tax burden in half.


  • 575,000 UI Claims processed
  • Currently a 92% win percentage
  • More than $10 million dollars in erroneous benefit charges removed


  • Immediate tax rate and admin fee reduction
  • Contribution rates specific to your exposure
  • Contribution options including pay-as-you-go
  • Stop-loss insurance and bonding
  • Recovery of assets from incumbent trustee
  • Interest bearing assets owned by you
  • Aggressive claims management/program admin
  • Reduced volatility of claims costs
  • Integrated pre-hire screening platform
  • Access to Infiniti HR deliverables: payroll, human resource, risk management & employee benefits


  • Goodwill
  • West Virginia University
  • Houston Community College
  • Norton Healthcare
  • Tennessee Hospital Association
  • Salem Health
  • Metro Nashville Government

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