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INFINITI HR Named #6 on Best Employers of Record (EOR) 2024 List by TechRadar

We’ve been recognized as the sixth best Employer of Record (EOR) by TechRadar for 2024. This accolade highlights INFINITI HR’s comprehensive suite of services, including payroll processing, HR guidance, and regulatory compliance. Known for our strong presence in the hospitality and franchise sectors, our customizable human resources solutions and IRS certification contribute to its reputation as a trusted PEO provider.

Vendor Spotlight: Meet Patrick Johnson of Talentuition

This month, we are shining the spotlight on our long-term partner Patrick Johnson. Patrick is the driving force behind Talentuition, our leading Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider. Through his leadership, Talentuition provides a cost-effective recruitment solution, ensuring clients receive expert support without the high costs typically associated with headhunters. This service is available to all of INFINITI HR PEO clients.

Patrick’s journey began with a vision to create a partnership model rather than a traditional client-vendor relationship. Recognizing a significant gap in the recruitment market—where businesses either hire expensive recruiters or manage recruitment themselves using software—Patrick saw an opportunity. He founded Talentuition to bridge this gap, offering clients full access to a professional recruiting department at a fraction of the cost. Talentuition’s strategy focuses on integrating pre-hire and post-hire administration seamlessly. Their approach not only simplifies the recruitment process, but also offers ongoing support to businesses, ensuring they have the necessary talent resources for continuous growth. 

Looking ahead, Patrick envisions Talentuition as the go-to solution for any business seeking a long-term, reliable, and efficient recruitment process and partner. His dedication to innovation and client satisfaction continues to reshape the recruitment landscape, providing invaluable support to hundreds of our clients. To contact Patrick, email

Updates for Employers in Nevada and Virginia:

Minimum Wage and Poster Requirements

Attention to employers in Nevada and Virginia. The following are significant changes recently announced. 

Nevada Minimum Wage Increase:

Effective July 1, 2024, Nevada will implement a streamlined minimum wage of $12 per hour, regardless of whether employers offer health insurance. This change eliminates the previous two-tier wage system following a decision made during the 2022 General Election. Additionally, new overtime rules will apply: employees earning less than $18 per hour will receive overtime pay after eight hours in a 24-hour period or 40 hours in a workweek. Those earning $18 per hour or more will qualify for overtime after 40 hours in a workweek.

Employers are advised to review and adjust employee pay rates accordingly to comply with the updated standards. For further guidance on these changes, employers are encouraged to consult with their HR consultant.

Virginia Employer Law Poster Update:

In Virginia, the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) has revised its posting requirements. Employers must display an updated employment law poster alongside existing mandatory posters. This update includes a new requirement: the updated poster now serves as the notice to departing employees at the time of separation, regardless of the reason for their departure. Employers should promptly update their employment law posters and integrate the new offboarding process to include the VEC notice. For assistance with obtaining the updated posters or navigating compliance issues, employers are urged to contact their designated HR consultant. Furthermore, it was noted that Virginia’s governor has recently vetoed a planned minimum wage increase scheduled for January 1, 2025, maintaining the state’s minimum wage at $12 per hour.

For ongoing updates and compliance support, INFINITI HR remains committed to assisting clients with employee management and HR compliance matters.

New Location: Coming Soon!

We will be relocating to a new office located at 9160 Guilford Rd. in Columbia, Maryland in the next few months. Our move to this vibrant location will bring more than 100 jobs to Howard County, further solidifying our commitment to growth and innovation. Stay tuned for more details about an upcoming open house.

Did You Know?

– There were about 8.8 million job openings at the beginning of March 2024. – US Bureau of Labor

– It takes an employer about 44 days to hire a new employee. – Forbes

– For every 100 employees, there should be 1.4 HR staff. – Forbes

– In 2025, it is predicted that millennials will constitute 75% of the global workforce. – G2

Meet Our Summer Intern: Kortney

This summer at INFINITI HR, we have three college students interning with us: Cole, Kyle, and Kortney. Starting this month, we’ll feature one of them in the monthly newsletter. Here’s more about Kortney!

Kortney Schwaiger

Kortney Schwaiger is a junior at Coastal Carolina University, majoring in communication. She is home in Maryland this summer and interning part-time at INFINITI HR. Currently, she works alongside Jessica in payroll, handling paperwork and processing it through the system. Kortney manages pay codes and interacts regularly with colleagues like Aleah. In addition to her work in the office at INFINITI HR, Kortney also holds a job at a nearby bar. After graduating from college, she plans to become a private chef. Outside of work and school, she enjoys spending time with friends and going to the beach.

INFINITI HR Attended #PrismHRLIVE 2024 in Nashville

NASHVILLE, TN – We went to PrismHR LIVE 2024, the premier event for HR professionals June 2-4, 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee. Attending on behalf of INFINITI HR were Vice President of Benefits Dawn Cloin, Implementation Manager Jennifer Hardesty, Information Solutions Manager Kim Lathrop, System Analyst Maria Villan, and Senior Business Analyst, Risk Management Jerrica Enriquez. These successful female leaders and subject matter experts represented the key facets of INFINITI HR’s business from HR, benefits, and recruiting to operations and technology.

The theme for PrismHR LIVE 2024 is “Driving HR Excellence Through Innovation,” which aligns perfectly with INFINITI HR’s commitment to leveraging the latest advancements in HR tech to drive transformation and growth. The INFINITI HR team was onsite to showcase the company’s newest offerings, including advanced analytics capabilities and an integrated HRIS-payroll platform.

“This conference provides an invaluable opportunity to share our latest innovations and best practices as a leading PEO that help teams work smarter, access meaningful data, and drive greater impact for their organizations,” Cloin said.

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June 2024 Labor Law Updates

In June 2024, several key updates in labor laws went into effect and will start impacting businesses nationwide. Recent adjustments in minimum wage laws across several states aim to enhance worker compensation, with California and New York leading the charge. Additionally, updates to federal tax forms, including Form W-4 and Form 941, introduce streamlined processes for payroll compliance. Stay informed to ensure your business remains compliant with these evolving regulations.

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